While primarily dealing with freeing Women from bra-bondage this Forum deals with a wide range of related issues, and comments on general topics around Women's Issues and Gender are welcome.

The isssues around Bras and Bra-freedom are health, comfort, freedom, self-image and self-confidence. Also breast health and disease, and breast awareness.
Many issues around Women's bodies, self-confidence, and taking control of our health and our bodies are related to this. Everybody's personal choice should be respected, as should their right to be who they want to be.

There is a separate section providing information on Breast Health, Bras, and Sexual Health.

This is a Support Group for Women, providing information and encouragement, and a safe place to post your questions and experiences.

All Breasts are beautiful and deserve to be free and to be seen. Bras are unnecessary. Breasts do not need 'supporting' and are not designed to stick out, but to lie comfortably on the chest to a lesser or greater degree.

Breasts and nipples are a normal and important part of a woman's body, and are designed to feed babies. They do not need to be covered up.

Bras were only invented in the twentieth century. At best they are a fashion statement and serve no useful purpose. They are usually uncomfortable and may be harmful to our health. They are best abandoned. There are plenty of other fashion alternatives.

To enable Women to feel comfortable not wearing a bra, and to feel confident and unashamed about their breasts, nipples or any other part of their bodies.

To educate men and women about why bras are unnecessary and may be harmful, and to be more comfortable with each other's breasts.

You will learn a lot about Women here. Our strengths and our weaknesses, about health and disease, and about Women's role in the world and society, and about their depiction in literature and art, and their relationships with men.