Germaine Greer: "Bras are a ludicrous invention"

Welcome to (est 06/2004). Our website is dedicated to women's right to not have to wear bras, a right which is being exercised more and more frequently in our constantly evolving society. This website will address your questions about bras and about going braless. It will also try to address the myths and the stigma that many of our mothers and grandmothers have told us is associated with going braless (i.e. trashy, slutty or loose). It will reinforce how going braless is actually healthy, comfortable, classy, tasteful, elegant and sexy.

Our website is for anyone who is considering Going Braless or anyone who already does. It is for the old and the young; the small breasted and the large breasted; the curious and the risky; the shy and the bold; and let us not forget the loving men who want to support their womenfolk.

This website is not for those those who are looking for pornography. Breasts are not pornographic!.

This website should be both serious and fun for its intended audience. It is a place where people can learn about this issue and interact with other women. It deals with breast health and awareness, body image, self esteem, sexuality feminism and a wide range of women's issues and concerns. Going braless is beautiful, and accentuates the breast, an object of beauty. Our website is here to help women become more confident with their bodies and their overall self image, and learn that bra freedom is empowering and liberating in many ways.

Please see the Mission Statement for more information about the goals of our website, and this is explained further on our Forum.

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Please submit any feed back to, or on our Forum. Feedback may include anything from the topic of bra freedom to the design of our website. All criticism is welcome.

Thank you, and please enjoy our website!

Last updated December 30 2007