As a visitor I was not sure where to post this, so I will e-mail it to you. You can post it if you like.

It is good to see a new site devoted to this topic, which is often discussed in threads on other sites (and some of whom have turned up here). I would say it is a bit more risque than other sites I am aware of, and I might have to warn people of that. A lot of people I know do not like MyNippon, models or catalogues, but there is a wide variety of interests and tastes to cater for.

On the other hand it is quite coy in some respects. Let's face it, everybody seems reluctant to mention the nipple factor (the frozen food section), which is often the thing that imprisons women in their bras. Since nipples are often visible with bras, some discussion is required as to whether it really matters or not. Then there is the whole issue of whether it is obvious or not, which depends on what else you are wearing, the lighting, who you with, where you are going, and whether you care. There are plenty of cover up tricks, and even both nipple enhancers and concealers.

Many women want freedom from bras ansd even underwear, but would be mortified if anyone else knew, hence the range of alternative tops.

I will watch the site with interest.