If you read my article titled "Braless History" in the Hall Of Fame section, you know that I have long had a strong preference for the braless. This true account begins when I was a single and enjoying the company of the young ladies. Some, I did not go with long enough to discuss my preference for braless, but others I did get into that subject. For the most part, they were receptive, and in order to give me a thrill, would occasionally go out on dates without a bra. There was one in particular that really took to the trend and to this day, seldom wears a bra. I believe the trend she started with me is responsible for her present bra policy.

Later, I was lucky enough to meet the girl who would become my wife. She had many very good qualities, intelligence, looks, congeniality and plenty of sex appeal. There was one area of concern; she was addicted to the feel of a bra almost like a person would be addicted to cigarettes or alcohol. She only removed her bra long enough to take a shower. In other words, she slept in the darned thing. This policy continued during our courtship and into the first part of our marriage. She wanted to please me and tried numerous times, but she was just too uncomfortable without a bra. To me, this was very unfortunate, since she had the perfect breast for no bra, 34C and easily passing the pencil test. In her case it was not so much the modesty issue or that people might observe that she was not wearing a bra, but rather, she felt totally uncomfortable without the confines of a bra. Time after time, in order to please me, she would say that she was going braless for a certain occasion only to find some excuse for wearing a bra.

Our family owns a beach home on the Atlantic Ocean and we decided to spend a week of vacation at this romantic get away. She decided to try limit her bra wearing while we were there. I suggested that she not take a bra with her. She agreed to wear one, only, on the trips there and back, but not wear it during our week at the beach. I was excited to see how this new policy would work. At the end of the first day, she was very uncomfortable and mostly looked miserable around the house. The next day was not much better and she cussed herself for the agreement she had made. She would have liked to worn a swim suit, but it was cool, and she didn't bring one. By the third day, she began to feel more comfortable, and we began to take long walks on the beach. She was beginning to feel more natural with her new found freedom and seem to pretty much enjoy herself the rest of the week. She did, repeatedly, state that it was going to take a long time to get used to being braless. I was pleased to notice on our trip home that she did not wear a bra.

Back home, she began to be braless more and more, much to my enjoyment. We then had to go to England for four months on an assignment that I had agreed to complete. She accidentally, or on purpose, did not wear a bra of pack any bras: therefore, she was braless for the four months we were there. From that time, she never wore a bra again, and to this day, does not even own one. She does occasionally wears a camisole, for the sake of modesty, which certain fabrics require. but is not limited otherwise. Sweaters, some tight, are a regular part of her attire. As I mentioned earlier, the idea of someone observing that she was braless was never her number one concern. However, I don't recall anyone ever calling attention to this fact.

Just as I had a difficult time convincing her not to wear a bra, it would now be totally impossible to convince her to wear a bra on a daily basis.

The lesson is that many more would stop wearing bras, if they would just give braless a chance.

Bill Holland