Ok first off I dont know about the rest of you, but I just have always found bras to be comfortable and its weird to not wear one. But I dont think there is a stigmatism or rule that says you have to wear a bra. Personally I dont think I would go without one unless it was something not revieling and so that you couldnt even tell that I was or was not wearing one. My boyfriend is pretty much one of those dont wear a bra types. He thinks I should go braless more often. One time He even tried to get me to go a whole weekend without one and I couldnt do it. One time we had a bet and if I lost I had to go a day without my bra. I lost the bet so I went without one for one day. Personally I think its a guys thing and dont understand why guys find it so hot or attractive to see a woman without a bra on. I just dont get it, but Im a girl so thats that.

One thing that happened recently between me and my bf was one day after I came over from work and we were going to dinner and then to the grocerry store was that he wanted me to go braless. I agreed to it as long as I would only have to do it until we got back. So I really was going to do it. Then as we were getting ready to head out the door he said I could put it back on cuz he knew how uncomfortable Id be without it. I said it was ok, but then thought about it for a second. Hmmm the freezer section of the grocery store...I looked down and relised that because of what I was wearing it might of not been very good to diplay that at the grocery store so I put my bra back on. But he still tries to get me to go without one from time to time.